Strat Igence | Financial Communications
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Financial Communications

We add value where you need it most


The intricacies of financial communication—whether about performance, transactions, services or strategies—call for exceptional knowledge and sensitivity. At strat-igence, we’ve accrued not just expertise, but wisdom to plan and deliver strategically sound financial communications.


We help clients understand their audiences and issues and present a compelling business case, whether focusing on investors or other stakeholder groups. We have counseled senior management and boards at some of the world’s finest financial firms, and we’ve worked with public, private, start-up and multi-national companies—dispatching senior-level consultants to every project. Especially when money is at the core of a message, clients draw confidence and valuefrom our team’s first-hand experience with assignments like these:


  • Leading financial communications teams and efforts in the financial services industry and for organizations managing significant financial transactions
  • Delivering financial communications tied to capital raises, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and take-privates
  • Developing messaging and presentations for organizations raising capital, seeking prospective buyers or in acquisition mode
  • Helping portfolio managers attract and retain assets by developing messaging platforms that effectively communicate investment philosophy, portfolio positioning, and performance results to prospects, clients, consultants