Strat Igence | Our Approach
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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our goal with strat-igence has been to meet the new challenges facing today’s organizations and individuals with a new kind of strategic resource. The needs of the hyper-competitive marketplace and volatile information environment have defined what we offer our clients: not boiler-plate tactical solutions, but a unique strategic approach that drives the most effective and efficient communications actions across all channels: Internal Communications, Crisis Preparation and Solution, IR, PR, Corporate Communications, Leadership Campaign Development, Brand Development and Core Customer Management (you name them).


As a foundation for our work, we use the political campaign framework that has driven successful revolutionaries throughout time in business, politics and warfare. The principles of insurgent strategy help drive more successful market execution and creates an organization that is more mobile, proactive and aggressive.


The Insurgent Advantage
To Win in Today’s World – Learn to Think, Plan and Execute Like an Insurgent.

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The Revolutionary’s Operating System
Attitudinal Targeting is the Key to More Effective and Efficient Communications with Any Audience, Anywhere.

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