Strat Igence | What We Do
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What We Do

At strat-igence, we grow and protect your business. Business strategy is at the heart of strat-igence. It’s the hard-core aspect of our work that differentiates us from other firms.

Marketing Communications

Connecting with consumers -– for new product launches, as well as repositioning and reinvigorating brands -– we capture hearts and minds. We identify that audience insight that motivates the desired action.

Entertainment Marketing

Through our consumer marketing campaigns, we can connect with audiences through entertainment and lifestyle influences. We make sure you get the most return on your investment.

Corporate Branding and Stakeholder Management

Maximizing the value of one of your most strategic assets -– your corporate reputation. Creating, positioning and building your brand in the minds of your most important stakeholders is key to success.

Financial Communications

We add value where you need it most. The intricacies of financial communication — whether about performance, transactions, services or strategies — call for exceptional knowledge and sensitivity.

Crisis & Issues Management

We inspire confidence. Ensuring customers, employees, consumers and shareholders maintain confidence in your products and services, and ultimately your company: it’s a non-stop responsibility.

Internal Communications

We keep employees on your side. Aligning your employees with the company vision ensures that everyone pulls in the right direction to achieve and exceed those business goals.