Strat Igence | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Our seasoned team has proven their mettle in newsrooms and competitive corporate environments. We play to win, and we focus our talents to ensure your success. Our business acumen is what sets us apart. We’ve walked in your shoes, many of us having been corporate executives ourselves. We take that business knowledge and apply it to everything – from issues and crisis management and resolution to identifying high-profile opportunities for new product launches. We ensure our efforts connect to your business strategy.

Our Team

At strat-igence, every client gets the A-team. We organize our talents and tools to meet client needs and work to develop a custom approach to any challenge or opportunity.

Jane Ingalls has 25 years of experience on the front lines of corporate decision making.

Curtis Kabat is an expert in creating consumer relevance for products and brands through entertainment and pop culture.

Renee Kopkowski is a results-oriented executive highly experienced in Business Strategy, Change Management, Corporate Reputation, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, Public Relations and Social Media.

Kristi Ledford brings expertise in strategic planning, internal communications, employee engagement and business communications.

Scott Miller won every major award for creative excellence in the advertising industry, including many Clio Awards.

Alice Nathanson’s clients benefit from her more than 25 years of experience in crisis management, corporate and brand reputation management, and community affairs.

Claudia Sadowski specializes in organizational communications and brings with her years of online expertise.

Sarah Tremallo’s breadth of experience in all areas of the public relations and reputation management industry makes her an invaluable asset to clients.

Michelle Weese is a seasoned, results-oriented leader who is highly experienced in global corporate affairs and branding.